Meeting of the Slovenian Association for Electronic Identification and Electronic Trust Services

The EIDES Association held its first meeting at the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, attended by 25 representatives of companies as well as bodies and organisations of public administration active in the field of development of e-identification and e-trust services solutions and their implementation in renewed business processes. All attendees were briefed regarding the current situation of association (membership, organisational aspect…). Later on, current processes were discussed regarding implementation of eIDAS Regulation and framework of the Association’s operations in 2017 (promotion of e-business, organisation of a national conference on e-identification and e-trust services as well as on other fields of e-business). Especially highlighted was the lack of understanding of the connection between legal and e-identity as well as various interpretations of e-signature, which is in accordance with the requirements of eIDAS Regulation. The Association’s proposals to the Ministry of Public Administration, regarding the legislative arrangements of cyberspace, were also presented to the attendees.